Team Managers

Heathmont Hornets Basketball Club’s mission is to provide a safe environment for children to play team sport irrespective of age, gender, status or ability.

Since our inaugural season in 1993, dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide over 2,000 children in the Maroondah region with the opportunity to improve their fitness, practice team work, develop basketball skills and demonstrate sportsmanship within an inclusive environment.

Thank you for accepting the role of Team Manager; we sincerely appreciate your willingness to assist our great Club. Your role is not overly demanding but we could not function without your assistance.

The role of team manager is to assist at a team level. This relieves the coach of the administrative functions involved in getting a team onto court and allows your coach to give maximum effort to coaching and training the team.

Thank you again for volunteering and good luck for the season.

Team Sheet Management

The team manager should arrive at the venue ten to fifteen minutes before the game to pay the score sheet fees then select players on the electronic score sheet prior to the scheduled starting time.

The electronic score sheets will have all players' names listed from Round 1:

  1. Check that all players and their singlet numbers are correctly entered and are verified as playing.
  2. Collect fees from each player (e.g. $5 each)
  3. Pay the team sheet fees $35 at all venues
  4. Appoint a competent scorer for each game

Please note:

Gameday Scorer

A competent scorer must be provided for each game. Please prepare a roster so that every family contributes. Scoring is not difficult, assistance is always available and courses are run throughout the year.


Paper scoresheets have been replaced with an electronic score board at all venues. Read the instructions on how to use the new scoreboards. If in doubt ask the Referee for assistance.

Remember: The rules will not change, only how they are entered.

There are generally 16 games per season. Players must have played at least half the games to qualify for finals. The only evidence of a player’s participation in a game is via the game's electronic score sheet.

You can go on line and check 'Player Statistics' after the grading games.

Failure to add and select a player as 'playing' at the start of the game will result in that player not being credited with the game. As long as the player is selected as been present and verified by the Referee he/she does not have to have fouled or scored in the match to prove they were present.

Please note:

Game Attendance Sheet (Player Participation)

A game attendance record can be downloaded below to keep track of your players attendances. Players must play the set number of games (generally half the matches) to qualify for the finals, including grading games. The team manager needs to ensure that their players are notified regarding their qualification for the finals.

Encouragement Awards (U8 to U12)

Heathmont Hornets provides "Player of the Week" awards for all U8, U10 and U12 teams. The certificates are packaged with the team name and are available for pickup from the Team Manager Coordinator.

At the conclusion of all U8, U10 and U12 games, the team manager or coach should present an encouragement award to a player. These awards should be equally shared across the team.

Distribute Club Information

We do not have emails for all our players and parents, so we rely on the team manager to be our primary means of distributing all printed information to our members.


Players are covered by Sports Insurance for training and games. Players injured during a game are to advise the Stadium staff and write details of injury in their Injury Report Book. Claim forms for teams registered with RBA are available from Maroondah Stadium 9298 4487. Claims/injury reports are to be lodged with the insurance company within 30 days.


All coaches, players and parents are notified by mail of the training times and venues. Training is held between 4.30 pm and 9 pm Monday through to Thursday at our various training venues.


Fixtures are not issued. You must check the game time weekly either via the GEBC website. For Grading Games (Rounds 1-6) details of fixtures will be posted on the Tuesday after 5pm.

Privacy Statement

Heathmont Hornets Basketball Club Inc. will only disclose the relevant information that is related to the primary purpose of communicating with parents and players. This information may be given to coaches, team managers, GEBC grade secretaries and RBA registrar. At no time should a team manager distribute a player’s details without permission from the player's parents/guardians.

Other Documents for Team Managers