Club History

Heathmont Hornets Basketball Club was a founding member of the Ringwood Basketball Association Junior Saturday Competition in the first winter season, April, 1993.

In its augural season, Hornets registered 38 players in five teams. Every year since then, the club has continued to develop and attract new members due to its professional and dedicated approach to the development of the game of basketball.

In 2001, the Heathmont Hornets continued to expand and subsequently joined the GEBC. In July 2002, Hornets produced a new look on court by introducing the flash royal blue uniforms.

In 2005-6 Winter Season, Hornets celebrated their 25th basketball season. A testimony to the success of the club is the continuing loyality of inaugural office bearers, Gary Bower and Kevin Watters, who also celebrated 25 seasons as President and Treasurer respectively. Three players also celebrated their 25th season.

Over the years Hornets have provided children with a safe, professional and fun environment in which to play basketball at varying competition and skill levels.

Winter 2008 will be Hornets 30th season. We are now the biggest and most successful Ringwood basketball club with more than 460+ players (participating in 60 teams) in the Greater Eastern Basketball Conference (GEBC) competition.

Greater Eastern Basketball Conference (GEBC)


The GEBC Competition is an amalgamation of both Ringwood and Nunawading teams.

The GEBC (one of the largest basketball associations in the Melbourne metropolitan area) allows the 50+ Hornets teams to compete at their individual skill levels.

Two seasons operate throught the course of the year.

The Summer season starts in October and concludes before the April school holidays. Eligibility for this season is determined by age as at June 30th of the previous year.

The Winter season begins in April and finishes before the September school holidays. Eligibility for this season is determined by age as at December 31st of the previous year.

Age groups are Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and Senior. The Under 8 and 10 competitions are mixed, i.e. boys and girls can play in the same team.